#2. The Basics Package

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The Basics Package: Three Sessions - $400
After "The Starter Workshop" this package will continue education properly.
The Basics Package will help you and your family live an easier life with your dog. Learning about simple lifestyle changes with a fun approach will help everyone enjoy these introductory sessions to having a balanced dog.
  • Three Effective Private One-on-One sessions in your home
  • Lasts approx. 1.5 Hours per session
  • Hands-on Walking Instructions
  • Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Stay, Come
  • Mouth Commands: Leave/Take/Drop
  • Proper "On your Bed" and "In your Crate" Commands
  • Space Control at Doors and with Guests
  • Practice with the whole family / Empowering Kids!
  • Relationship Building & Problem Solving
  • The cost of these sessions is $400.
Each session is typically spread out at your convenience (every or every other week) depending on your family's needs, and the lifestyle you choose to have with your canine companion.