#3. The Field-Trips Package

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The Field-Trips Package: Three Sessions - $400
After "The Basics Package" this package will continue education properly.
The Field-Trips Package will help you and your family take what you have been practicing in your home and around your neighborhood, and apply these skill in the real world. 
  • Three Private One-on-One sessions @
  • Pinkerton Park, a Busy Shopping Plaza, and Downtown Franklin, TN
  • Lasts approx. 1 Hour per session
  • Hands-on Walking Instructions in a busy environment
  • Distance and Distraction Training 
  • Practice with the whole family / Empowering Kids!
  • Relationship Building & Problem Solving in Public
  • The cost of these sessions is $400.
Each session is typically spread out at your convenience (every or every other week) depending on your family's needs, and the lifestyle you choose to have with your canine companion.