About the Trainer

James Watson has been helping pet owner's better understand their pets for almost 20 years. Having a background in education, and a degree in psychology has aided in bridging the gap between the clashing cultures of humans and canines. Incorporating simple lifestyle changes into client's households has helped develop a style that is not hard it simply makes sense! James has enjoyed volunteering for the Tennessee Prison System’s dog training program, teaching children at schools how to be safe around strange dogs they might encounter, and helping therapy dog/human teams start their journey. Teaching, training, and certifying new dog trainers on a corporate level, and as a mentor with the Animal Behavior College has helped to articulate his approach into simple and easy to understand methods. "Utilizing positive reinforcement with our canine companions is very important because of the amount of frustration it takes away from pet owners. Sometimes it takes a little coaching to know how."  James lives in and services Franklin, Tennessee. The dog featured above is James' best friend/business partner of 11 years, named Bu. Forever in the heart.