04. The Friendly Neighborhood Canine Citizen Package

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The Friendly Neighborhood Canine Citizen Package is Everything you Need!
What:   The Friendly Neighborhood Canine Good Citizen Package includes the four private in-home sessions, plus four out of home social sessions. 

Once you have completed the Beginner Phase of you and your dog's experience you can then redeem these Four additional sessions that will prepare you and your dog for the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen Certification. 

Why:  This is the package you want if you are aspiring to have a Canine Good Citizen which a sanctioned test of skills given by the American Kennel Club. The AKC's CGC is a general baseline guide and prerequisite for dogs going into therapy or service dog work.

Where:  This service is performed privately, one-on-one in your home.

When:  This service can be redeemed at your convenience and at the instructor's discretion. Each session is about an hour long. 12 Total Sessions
How:  If you are interested in purchasing this service, simply put it in your cart, pay for it, and then contact James Watson to personally schedule your paid service.